XLUXES, which has grown into a
brand that cannot be removed from aging care※1 items.

cosmetics containing human stem cell
culture solutionページアイテム横並びSP用

ince its launch in 2014, it has opened up a new era in the beauty industry and has been covered widely in the media.
"XLUXES" is a pioneer of cosmetics containing human stem cell culture solution※2.
Now, the stem cell cosmetics has become so popular and there's no time you don't see it in the world, However, XLUXES stands out from other brands.

cosmetics containing human stem cell
culture solutionページアイテム横並びSP用

It is because since its launch, the brand concept continues to create the key to bring more joy and hope for life in order to fulfill all women's desire "eternal beauty", and it has continued to be a strong spirit.
We have introduced the innovative serum “Procare Reverser Serum” as first “XLUXE” series item in December 2014. All items of the series contain human stem cell culture solution※2, not just for giving treatments to skin, as “ New Generation Aging Care※1 that awakens the Original Potential of Skin”.
After that, the directly managed stores have opened to experience a real ability of the product for customers, and “XLUXES” has continued to be the No.1 cosmetics category sales at the large duty-free shops. In 2018, we have started selling them at department stores in major cities, and the sales channel is increasing.
The more you use it, it will lead you to shocking beauty beyond the era. XLUXES will continue to walk together for the glorious future where you can enjoy life more with your own "ultimate" glowing skin and love yourself more.

※1 Skin care according to age
※2 Human Adipocyte Conditioned Media Extract (Moisturizing ingredient)