X-Plum20 and X-Plum are Ume and Black vinegar drink which are made from Japanese Ume that has been a convenient plant for health since long ago, including blessing of nature. People in all generations can enjoy drinking, because we have selected pure materials carefully and made them without any additives and artificial flavors.

Both X-Plum20 and X-Plum are based on Ume and Black Vinegar, and pure materials are only used. Proudly selected the top quality plum called "Nanko-ume". Only big and valuable Nanko-umes grown in Kishu, Japan, are used for X-Plum20/X-plum. Black vinegar has the best quality with the devoted time and effort in the traditional way.

Nanko-ume is rich and has a deep flavor. Black vinegar which is fermented for a long time is very mellow, also easy to swallow. you can enjoy tasting ume flavor which has successfully matched with fresh materials.

1 kg of the top quality Nanko-ume is used in a bottle of X-Plum20/X-Plum. Ume grown in nature has lots of minerals from the ground and clear stream. Natural Unpolished Rice Vinegar has been elaborated by a traditional wooden keg. Furthermore, Other Valuable has natured materials, such as Asian ginsengs, Reishi (Garoderma Lucidum), Kumquats, Royal jelly, are in X-plum too.

The living environment and the dietary habit in the present days tend to make you, your heart, and your body suffer from the stress. X-Plum will help you adjust your whole body to live energetically and healthily.

The one who cares about beauty and health, the one who easily feels cold, the one whose dietary habit is irregular,
middle aged people, who smoke and drinks, and children.

The Valuable Ume in X-plum has grown in Azuma-farm.

Azuma farm is a long-established store founded in 1834, and has been rearing ume trees. Umes form Azuma-farm are very popular among celebrities in various fields including athletes. we contracted the direct dealings with Azuma farm. X-Plum20/X-Plum are grown and made in the richness of nature.