We combined the ume juice, which has much more Citric Acid than other breeds do, and Ume extracts, which contain only 20g of Mumefural in 1kg of green ume. Mumefural will be able to help the circulation of the blood and make your body younger with synergy effect of Reishi.

Oke from Yoshinosugi is having a good moisture retention for maturing, and breathes well.

It's matured slowly in the process of natural fermentation (unpolished rice → sweet half sake → sake → black vinegar) with a tub that's called Oke of Yoshinosugi (9000L), which only few artisans can deal with. The characteristic of this ingredients which have lots of essential amino acid and organic acid. Black vinegar, it is also known as ingredients that can keep food fresh since long ago.

Asian ginsengs, Reishi, Red-Shiso, Kumquats, Royal jelly.

There's more information of each ingredient in "the main constituents and effects."

In the oriental medicine, it's necessary to keep the balance of "Sprits (Ki/C), Blood, Water". "Spirits" is incorporeal supernatural being, but it's definitely existed as we use "Ki ga yowaru (get weak)", "Kiryoku ga sagaru (lose energy)". "Blood" takes oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and carries away wastes. "Water" is body fluid including saliva hormones, and digestive juices, except for blood. The lack if those three cannot be perfect such as tricycles don't work if they lose a wheel.
Rice vinegar is operated boiled race to aspergillus to make sugar, and added alcohol fungus to make Sake, and even added acetobacter. Therefore, Rice vinegar is the only fermented food that is made with three times fermenting process. that's why it can maintain the balance of "Spirits, Blood, Water".
Recent studies have proven rice vinegar has oner 16 organic acid including citric acid and malic acid. and it also has the effect of killing bacteria, removes lactic acid and decreases natural fat an cholesterol in blood. In addition, decreases the number of blood pressures. It's discovered from Wakayama Medical University studies that murefral in Ume extract also decrease it. Also, rice vinegar boosts the immune system.
The acid taste of vinegar softens by honey in ice-cream or sherbet. I think it would be great ti add vinegar to ice-sweets and give it to your children.

Teruaki Hayashi

Doctor of Pharmacy, Professor Emeritus at Changchun University of Chinese Medicine

Yoshihisa Nakano

President at Osaka Womenfs
Junior College,
Professor Emeritus (Doctor of Agriculture) at Osaka Prefecture University

The valuable Nanko-Ume, which is selected carefully from Kisyu, Japan, is used in X-Plum/X-plum20. Besides, They combine Ume extracts, which contain only 20g of Mumefural in 1kg of green umes. Moreover, It uses Natural Unpolished Black Vinegar, which has the process of natural fermentation with a tub thatfs called Oke of Yoshinosugi. X-Plum/X-Plum20 is condensed Citric Acid drink, which is based on Ume and Black vinegar, and pure ingredients: Asian Ginsengs, Reishi, Red-Shiso, Kumquat, Royal Jelly and Honey. Also, It has no food additives, artificial coloring and food preservative.

Ume contains a lot of organic acid including Citric Acid. Condensed organic acid that convert into Citric Acid 4810mg/100ml is, in X-Plum which has a lot of Ume extracts. By the way Citric Acid is an energy production of Citric Acid cycle that was found by the scientist Hans Adolf Krebs, who won Nobel prize in 1953, and itfs as known as an important control of Acid Cycle. Furthermore, Ume extracts have Mumefral which is made by Citric Acid with sugar. It is very useful ingredients to keep your body healthy.

Three major nutrients: gProteinh, hFath, gSugarh are necessary for lives, and Amino Acid is the ingredient of Proteins. Black Vinegar has a lot of proteins too, and we can make some Amino Acid in our bodies. However, therefs some essential Amino Acid that we cannot make by ourselves; in fact, we need to take from food. Black Vinegar has essential Amino Acids, so Black Vinegar is the one we want to keep taking for ourselves.

There are Five major nutrients; gProteinh, hFath, gSugarh and gVitaminh that are essential nutrient we have to take. There are three explanations about food and nutrients. Supplying the necessary nutrients to stay in health comes the First one. The Second one is the palatability that makes our life rich. The other, the Third one is nutrients that are a specific kind of food, is working to stay in health.

X-Plum is based on gUmeh which has a lot of Citric Acid as a source of energy, and gBlack Vinegarh, which has Amino Acid is the ingredients of Proteins. It also contains gAsian Ginsengsh, gReishih, gRed-Shisoh, gKumquath, gRoyall Jellyh and gHoneyh. Those are the ingredients that are a bit difficult to take from the dishes we regularly eat. And, those have Vitamin and Mineral. Besides, those have nutrients that show special working to stay in health.

Nanko-ume from Kishu

We fully use a valuable one which contains polyphenols and minerals. Also we combined extracts of Ume wich can take only 20g from 1kg of green ume. Extracts of Ume have mumefural which will be able to help the circulation of the blood. It is the talk of the trade lately.

Natural Unpolished Black Vinegar

Vinegar is known as making your body healthy. Black vinegar is the prominent one, especially about essential amino acid including active ingredients, because it's from unpolished rice and it's brewed longer than normal vinegar.


We added extracts of Red-shiso, which has lots of minerals from Kishu. it also a-linolenic acid and flaconoid. Red-shiso has been used extensively since Heian era (794-1192).

Asian Ginsengs

"Get well before you get sick" (that's to say), Asian ginsengs can prevent disease. In China, it is there to keep entrails well and frequently used in the traditional chinese medicines. it has vitamins, minerals and saponin.


Reishi is a kind of mushrooms that's called "a bracket fungus". it's a very precious one which can take only 2-3trees from 100,000 trees. it has triterpene-glycosids and adenosine.


Kumquat has been enjoyed as a popular folk medicine since Kamakura era(1185-1333). It has lots of citric acid, vitamin and carotene. But it's a very precious one because of its small production.

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is ideal food. it has amino acid, vitamins and minerals a lot.


The oligosaccharide is kind of the glucose which is made by a dietary fiber with an enzyme. It's hard to spread Latobacillus bifidus in a body.

Extracts of Grapes

Proanthocyanidin in extracts of grapes in called "The King of Polyphenol". It makes your skin smooth and keeps you look younger.